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serviceOur services

Personnel dispatched

dispatchPersonnel dispatched

We can provide flexible dispatching service according to the time node arrangement of customers'
project, covering software development, software testing, product design and user experience.

Personnel dispatch service is one of the main services provided by our company, which is mainly aimed at customers with high requirements on cost control and product quality.Our personnel dispatch covers software developers, software testers, product design and user experience personnel, and can provide flexible personnel dispatch service according to the time node of specific projects of customers.

offshoreOffshore model

In the trend of global economic globalization, offshoring has become an effective way for software enterprises to reduce production costs and enhance comprehensive competitiveness.

We have a proven by practice of software design, development and testing system, combined with the standardization of the project process, in business modeling, requirements analysis, user experience, interactive design, software development, software testing and software deployment in areas such as maintenance, to provide customers with professional services, to save the cost, improve efficiency, improve performance for the enterprise.

Offshore model
Software development & testing

softwareSoftware development & testing

We have a high-level core team of software r&d and testing for digital, including software development engineers, test engineers, user experience designers and technical experts, who provide customized product development and testing services for customers and help them manage and maintain the entire product life cycle.

Software development and testing
We have developed, designed and implemented a series of rigorous and perfect software development and testing methods for digital development, providing software engineers and testers to help customers build the most efficient and cost-effective team.
Software design and user experience
Our user experience designers work closely with the r&d team to drive and implement user-oriented design, prove the reliability of design, and enhance user interaction experience during software development.

mechanicalMechanical modeling & simulation

Our team members are senior r&d engineers of Autodesk and PTC. We have rich experience in the development and application of CAD software, and we are able to provide customers with high-quality outsourcing services.

Common parts, purchased parts, standard parts modeling services
For common parts, purchased parts and standard parts, you only need to provide the corresponding code and information, we will provide a low-cost high-quality 3d model within a certain time.
2d drawing to 3d model service
With professional modeling engineers, we can provide you with batch two-dimensional diagram transformation three-dimensional model services.Construction of spare parts model database.
Spare parts model resource construction
To provide you with complete parts resources construction, management and maintenance solutions, help you effectively manage a large number of parts design resources, significantly improve the efficiency of r & d team development.
Mechanical modeling & simulation

cooperationCooperative enterprise